Lessons Learned

Problems Solutions
Current land near the Ruvu river near Mlandizi is great for crops needing substantial water during dry season, but floods during rainy season, so is not usable then. Change crops so we can have more production during rainy season

  • Oranges
  • Mangoes

Expand planted acreage beyond the initial 10 acres planted to date from our total 50 acres owned.

Consider additional land near the Rufiji River, which is less prone to flooding and will allow harvest all year long.

Roads are impassable during rainy season. Do not attempt to harvest during monsoon season, fruit trees will continue production without tending, unlike row crops.
Threats to life and crops from wild animals Dangerous things for the most part hide in the margins of the planted areas. More buffer is needed. Training and vigilance is needed. Barbed wire keeps some predators out.  Patrols keep others out.
Good labor is surprisingly hard to come by in the local area Need to supplement with workers from Mbeya and Arusha
Long delays at customs for imported equipment Do not rely on Government help in paying import duties, as budgets are frequently unfunded.Consider different import agents