Bert Jones

Bert JonesBert Jones serves as Chairman of LIA Tanzania. He has over 40 years of experience as a private venture investor and business strategist. Currently, Jones serves as Chairman and CEO of Cell Constructs where his goal is to bring innovative new business strategies, services and products to advance the state of the art of healing of wounds worldwide, with an emphasis on underserved populations. Jones’ proficiencies lie in creating, funding, managing and growing emerging businesses. 

Nathaniel Kigwila

Dr. Kigwila is the director of all operations at LIA Tanzania.  From top to bottom, he presses the operation forward and keeps the organization on track, as well as leads it into the future.

Dr. Kigwila has spent more than 30 years in service of the people of his home country, Tanzania.  Not only has he taken 10 wayward children into his own home, but has found homes for dozens more.  Dr. Kigwila has made it his life’s work to help the people of Tanzania, and LIA is the result of that desire.  His extensive background in humanitarian work is invaluable to the organization and management of LIA Tanzania.


Theresia “Teddy” Hassan Mmbecha

Theresia MmbechaMiss Mmbecha is responsible for all financial matters and the administration of LIA Tanzania’s offices in Dar es Salaam. Theresia has a certificate in journalism and accounting, and has 3 years experience in accounting and administration from EFATHA Ministries. Miss Mmbecha has spent the last 5 years working as a news reporter and camera woman for Trinity TV, and has recently begun continuing her education in journalism.

Matrida Mwakipiti

Matrida MwakipitiMiss Mwakipiti has been working with Dr. Kigwila since 2008, aiding his work to help orphan children with their education and care.  Dr. Kigwila has since recruited her to LIA Tanzania, where she brings valuable expertise attending to the needs of the children.  She has earned a certificate in child care.

John Samwel

John SamwelMr. Samwel is acting overseer of all work at the farm. He ensures all the crops are tended to and deadlines are met, keeping LIA Tanzania’s agricultural projects on track.

Mr. Samwel graduated from O-level school in 2007, and then attended Sinon College where he achieved a certificate in Basic Hotel Management.  Since then, he dove into agriculture entrepreneurship, where he has been successfully farming and selling his crops at the Dar es Salaam market. Mr. Samwel brings his experience to LIA Tanzania, where he not only gets to pursue his business goals, but to also provide for the needs of the people of his country.