We gathered and trained a team of paid and volunteered workers, acquired 50 acres of land, bought and imported equipment, built farm buildings. Farm workers were employed, enabling their families to be fed. The workers prepared the fields and planted crops, which they tended and ultimately harvested.  The crops were then sold in the Dar es Salaam markets and to locals.  We served produce markets and hotels in Dar as well as made sales to local people.  Although financial results were disappointing, we made progress. We look ahead to a bright 2015.

The following reports were filed during 2014 by our Manager Fred Njegeja

Report for the period of 16th September to 5th November, 2014.

The preparation of the virgin farm land was one of the biggest challenges during this period.  Guarding the fruits and vegetables from wild monkeys and boars was challenging and dangerous.  The manager and laborers had to stay vigilant throughout all hours of the day and night, and we thank the Lord for his mercy.  We were able to harvest and sell watermelon, cucumbers and okra.

Please see the full report with pictures here.

Report for the period of 15th June to 15th September 2014.

IMG_1229Farm Preparation (Clearing, cultivating and Planting).

This issue of farm preparation delayed a little bit because the area was still covered with water at the time which we were supposed to start farming, and therefore the preparation activity started at the end of June. We hired a tractor from Steven Mkude, who worked with our farm manager. Planting activity was done by villagers, who were asking for daily labor employment.


The ten acres project prepared, cultivated and planted and the thirty five rest acres cleaned and twenty five of the thirty five more cultivated ready for planting other crops:-

  • Ten acres cleaned and planted.
  • Watermelon, African eggplant and Okra planted.
  • Thirty five acres has been cleaned ยท More twenty five acres cleaned and planted.
  • The plants are going very well.
  • Youth received employment of watching, planting and watering the farm.

Please see the full report with pictures here.